7 Cheap Universities in Romania for International Students

There are things that we dreamt of. A nice house, a contented family, a stable financial state, and good health. These things could be achieved if, first, you take care of yourself, and second, you have the opportunity to study and get a university degree. It will be a bonus if you get to study abroad where good education is offered and modern facilities and technology are first introduced. Romania is one of the countries that have these qualities.

They have universities not just offering degrees and courses but also dreams and opportunities. As its economic development and financial state soars, Romania has been a good starting point for every local and international student starting their career. With a rich history and culture, not only your wisdom will grow but also your life experience. To help you, here is some information about studying conditions, fees, and other related things to education. So, check out some of these cheapest universities in Romania for international students.

Cost of Studying in Romania

Tuition fees in Romania vary depending on the degrees or courses you would take and the university you would enroll in. On average, the university tuition fees range from 3000 EUR to 4500 EUR for undergraduate degrees while postgraduate degrees range around 4000 EUR to 7000 EUR. Compared to other countries, the average tuition fees of universities in Romania is a little bit higher. However, living expenses here are cheaper compared to other European countries. With 300 EUR up to 500 EUR monthly, a normal international student could enjoy Romania and live comfortably. An allowance of at most 600 EUR a month will be enough to cover most of their bills, housing rent, food expenses, and transportation to and from school.

Are Universities Free in Romania?

Romania’s education system compulsory gives free education for its citizens for 11 years from preparatory school at 6 years old up into grade 12. After that, higher education requires payment because even though the country has been prospering in terms of economy and development, it still lacks the budget and still resolves financial issues on their government.

Currently, they are working on making it possible to also give free education to their students. On the other hand, foreign or international students are required to pay all of their fees and will not get any of the Romanians benefits unless their nationality says so.

What are the languages of instruction for universities in Romania?

Courses and degrees in Romania are often taught in their native language, Romanian, especially in preparatory and middle schools. Even so, there are still schools and universities offering degrees and courses in more than one language to cater to the needs of international students who do not know how to speak Romanian. The most popular languages offered in these degrees are English, Spanish, and French and some of the universities offering these degrees are the University of Bucharest and the Politehnica University of Bucharest.

Cheapest Universities in Romania

1. National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

  • Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs: €660 EUR – €1,980 EUR ($780 USD – $2,340)
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: €660 EUR – €2,160 EUR ($780 USD – $2,552)
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The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration is a public university in Bucharest which started as a postgraduate institute for higher education but gained the right to teach law to undergraduate students in 1995. It was popular with local students because of the cheap annual tuition fee in exchange for invaluable knowledge.

International students on the other hand mostly enrolled in postgraduate degrees, master’s, and doctoral studies. Up to date, the university has been seeking collaborations with other institutions from foreign countries by attending and being active in international conferences. National University of Political Studies and Public Administration is the cheapest university in Romania for international students with the tuition fee of $780.

2. University of Oradea

Among all the universities in Romania, the University of Oradea was one of the oldest universities being established in 1780. The university was mostly known for its philosophical courses and degrees which then evolves to theological and law courses.

Since their establishment date, the University of Oradea has been creating and strengthening their connections with every foreign institutions and organization they get to collaborate with. With this system, this affordable university in Romania has successfully made almost 400 agreements with other countries making the satisfaction of their international students rise.

3. University of Bucharest

  • Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs: €1,980 – €2,430 ($2,341 – $2,873)
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: €1,980 – €3,400 ($2,341 – $4,019)
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The University of Bucharest is considered as one of the prestigious universities in Romania known for its educational, research, and cultural developments. It is internationally known for its wide research programs and for having over 50 research institutes, departments, and centers of intelligence making the university as one of the most important scientific research programs in Romania. Also, it has been actively participating in collaboration agreements and a reliable connection with universities from more than 52 countries around the world.

4. Transilvania University of Brasov

  • Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs: €2,000 EUR – €6,750 ($2,362 – $7,972)
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: €2,200 – €7,000 ($2,598- $8,268)
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The next university in our list of cheap universities in Romania is the Transilvania University of Brasov, a popular university for international students because of the availability of advanced technology, modern facilities and laboratories for experiments and research, and newly built or renovated buildings for the comfort of their students.

Currently, out of more than 19,000 students enrolled in the university, 10% or 1,900 are international students pursuing different fields of study. This is because of their several connections with foreign institutions and universities having collaborated projects. As of now, over 600 partnerships with foreign institutions are established.

5. Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad

If you want to study in a university where opportunities and part-time jobs may arise, choose a university near a town where the industry is well developed and the economy is good. The Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad is an example of this university because it is one of the industrial centers or towns in Romania. Aside from this fact, this cheap university in Romania has also highly trained faculty and personnel that will aid all of its students in getting their degrees. The programs and degrees offered are also adjusted by offering courses in both Romanian and English Language that’s why more international students try to get accepted in the university.

6. Bucharest National University of Arts

  • Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs: €2,900 EUR – €6,500 EUR ($3,427 USD – $7,681)
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: €2,800 EUR – €7,000 EUR ($3,309 – $8,271)
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It is known to everyone that Europe is the home of the fine arts, architecture, and fashion. This is the reason why some universities are considered to be as national universities and given the benefit to be a state university and an example of this is the Bucharest National University of Arts. The university focuses on the excellence of students in creating different forms of art, experiencing different cultures, and pulling out their creativity to let their students grow and improve themselves.

The university is continentally known to be one of the best universities when it comes to art and fashion and it could be proven through their exhibits, presentations, and runway walks every semester. The university has been established in Romania for over 155 years that’s why the history and culture of the country itself could be seen through the artworks of its students.

7. Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy

  • Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs: €5,000 – €6,000 ($5,912 – $7,094)
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: €3,200 – €6,000 ($3,784 – $7,094)
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The final university in our list of cheapest universities in Romania is the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, a medical university for international students taking up their pre-med degrees, earning a medical degree, or completing their residency program. It has also the only Faculty of Medicine in Romania accredited by the Association of Medical School in Europe making them one of the prestigious universities found in the region.

They specialize in Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy so if you have decided to take on the medical career path but still do not know which field to specialize, the university will help you recognize your strengths and potential. In this method, you will be placed on the field that you will be good at. Currently, the university has accepted only a few international students because of the relatively hard entrance exams but working hard and studying well will do the trick.


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