10 Cheap Universities in Sweden for International Students

Sweden is among the top ten happiest countries in the world. This is quite understandable since there are a lot of things to be happy about in the Nordic country. Sweden is home to 29 national parks and a coastline stretching for 2,000 miles.

The country is also among the greenest in the world with only one percent of its waste going to landfills. Moreover, the renewable energy sources of Sweden have become the source of envy among other countries in Europe.

Sweden also has a vibrant technology scene since it brought to the world Skype, Spotify, and games like Minecraft. The country is also home to unique hotels one cannot find anywhere else. But there’s one more thing that Sweden has to offer to international visitors, its education system.

Sweden is home to some of the top universities in the world. One thing unique about Swedish universities is that they follow freedom with responsibility motto. This means there is lesser teacher-led instruction compared to other countries in the world.

Moreover, the majority of Swedes speak English, which makes it easy for non-Swedes to converse with citizens of Sweden. With this, Sweden is an appealing option for students planning to study abroad. Here, we will go over the topic of cheap universities in Sweden for international students.

Cost of Studying in Sweden

The cost of studying in Sweden depends on the program and university where the student is enrolled in. Tuition in Swedish universities starts at around 50,000 SEK ($5,700 USD) per semester. While this may be costly, scholarships are available to cover the cost.

The average cost of living in Sweden can range from 800 EUR ($900 USD) up to 1,200 EUR ($1,400 USD) per month. This figure covers rent, food, and other living expenses. The city where the student is staying determines the monthly cost of living in Sweden.

Are Universities Free in Sweden?

Universities in Sweden are free for Swedish citizens and citizens of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) countries. Students coming from countries outside of the EU and EEA have to pay tuition. But scholarships are also available to cover the cost of education in Sweden.

What are the languages of instruction for universities in Sweden?

The languages of instruction used in Swedish universities are Swedish and English. It should also be noted that the majority of Swedes can speak English. This makes it easier for non-Swedes to converse with locals when they study in Sweden.

1. Uppsala University

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    • 50,000 SEK ($5,700 USD) to 72,500 SEK ($8,300 USD) per semester
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs:
    • 50,000 SEK ($5,700 USD) to 72,500 SEK ($8,300 USD) per semester
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Established in 1477, Uppsala University is the oldest university in Sweden that is still in operation. It was an initiative of the Archbishop Jakob Ulvsson of Uppsala, the Primate of the Catholic Church of Sweden. The university played an important role in the history and culture of Sweden. In addition, Uppsala University is a cheap university in Sweden for international students.

The university aims to acquire and distribute knowledge to benefit mankind. It offers a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs for local and international students. These programs include Game Design and Graphics, Energy Transition – Sustainability and Leadership, Ecology and Conservation, and Data Engineering.

The university encourages its students to have a life outside of the classroom. Due to this, students can look forward to exploring different museums in and around the university. They can also join events and activities and socialize with other students of the university.

2. KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Established in 1827, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology started as the “Teknologiska Institutet” offering technological subjects in Sweden. The programs offered by the school were both popular and practical. It also came as modern society was amid industrialization. Today, it is the biggest technical university in Sweden and is one of the leading engineering and technical universities in Europe.

The institute consists of five academic schools offering undergraduate and graduate programs. The programs offered by the institute include Information and Communication Technology, Architecture, Engineering, Industrial Technology, and Aerospace Engineering.

The institute provides students with support and services to help them with their studies. A program study advisor is also available to provide tips and advice to students who find their courses challenging. Moreover, the institute also promotes health and wellness among the students while ensuring they still have a life outside of the four walls of the classroom.

3. Lund University

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    • 300,000 SEK ($34,200 USD) to 600,000 SEK ($68,300 USD) per program
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs:
    • 120,000 SEK ($13,700 USD) to 420,000 SEK ($47,800 USD) per program
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Lund University, a cheap university in Sweden, has been educating students and creating knowledge ever since it was established in 1666. It was originally called the Regia Academia Carolina or the Royal Caroline Academy. When it was founded, Sweden was already a great power and it needed an educational institution for the residents of Skåne. Sweden had won the province from Denmark eight years before the foundation of the academy.

Today, the university is among the best universities in the world and offers a broad range of programs through its eight faculties. These programs include Economics, Information Systems, European Studies, Language and Linguistics, and Developmental Studies, among others.

Being a student city means Lund offers a lot of activities for the students of Lund University. Students can socialize and meet other students from different parts of the world. Theaters, museums, and cultural events in the university and the city can also keep the schedule of the students packed over the weekend.

4. Malmö University

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: RM 2,895 ($700 USD) to RM 8,615 ($2,000 USD)
    • 235,000 SEK ($26,800 USD) to 425,000 SEK ($48,400 USD) per program
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs:
    • 80,000 SEK ($9,100 USD) to 450,000 SEK ($51,200 USD) per program
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Malmö University was initially established as a university college in 1998 before it received its full university status in 2018. It has a huge international student population and was influential in the transformation of Malmö into a center of learning from an industrial town.

This cheap university in Sweden has five faculties offering a wide range of courses for local and international students. These courses include Computer Science, Interaction Design, Advanced Machine Learning, International Relations, and Sports Psychology.

The students can look forward to remarkable sights and stimulating activities in the host city of the university. They can go restaurant-hopping in the numerous restaurants in the city. They can also check out the exhibits showcasing the talents of local designers at the Form/Design Center. The students can also let their hair down and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city.

5. Dalarna University

Established in 1977, Dalarna University is a recent addition to the list of higher learning institutions in Sweden. It plays host to several research environments and collaborates with organizations to work on current critical issues in society. The collaboration ensures that the university continues to maintain the high standard it set for all of its programs.

The university offers several programs for local and international students through its three academic schools. These programs include Business Intelligence, International Tourism Management, Economics, Solar Energy Engineering, and Data Science.

The campuses of the university offer an eco-friendly learning environment for its students. It’s located in a region known for its spectacular natural beauty, which makes it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

6. Mälardalen University College

Established in 1977, Mälardalen University College is the first institution for higher learning to receive an environmental certification. It also received a work environment certification in 2006. It is also one of the biggest institutions of higher learning in Sweden with a student population of around 16,000.

The university offers a wide array of programs aimed at providing high-quality education to its students. These programs are taught in English, which makes it ideal for international students. The programs offered by the university include Analytical Finance, International Marketing, Software Engineering, and Engineering Mathematics, among others.

Students can look forward to modern campuses that encourage a learning mindset. Partnerships with organizations also ensure the curriculum remains relevant in the world today.

7. Karolinska Institute

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    • 180,000 SEK ($20,500 USD) to 200,000 SEK ($22,800 USD) per year
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs:
    • 200,000 SEK ($22,800 USD) per year
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Next candidate in our list of cheapest universities in Sweden is the Karolinska Institute. This university has come a long way ever since it was established in 1810 as an academy aimed at training army surgeons. It is now among the top medical universities in the world. It is also the biggest center for academic medical research in Sweden and has been tasked with selecting the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine since 1901.

Being the top medical university in Sweden, the Karolinska Institute offers the widest range of medical programs in the country. These programs include Biomedicine, Toxicology, Global Health, and Health Informatics, among others.

Students have several options when it comes to extracurricular activities at the university. The sports facilities of the university allow the students to engage in physical activities for their fitness and wellbeing. The students can also get involved in activities through the student unions of the university.

8. Stockholm University

Stockholm University was established in 1878 and received its university status in 1960. It is the fourth oldest university in Sweden and is considered among the best universities in the world. As a public university, it does not only educate but also conducts research for the benefit of society.

This affordable university in Sweden offers a variety of programs through its different academic areas. These programs include Art History, Environmental Social Science, Computer and Systems Science, Environmental Law, American Studies, and Economics.

The students can look forward to getting support from the university in terms of their academic and non-academic needs. Numerous study areas are available for the students in different locations of the university. Apartments and rooms are also available at a reasonable price for international students.

9. Blekinge Institute of Technology

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs: 100,000 SEK ($11,400 USD) per year
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Established in 1999, the Blekinge Institute of Technology offers programs that contribute to sustainable development in society. It also conducts research with an international focus on IT-related subjects. Moreover, the institute also works closely with industry and society as a whole.

The institute offers 21 undergraduate programs along with 12 master’s programs. These programs include Industrial Economics and Management, Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, and Mechanical Engineering.

The students of the institute can get involved in different activities outside of their academics. They can participate in the student union of the institute or join any of the student associations depending on their interests.

10. Chalmers University of Technology

  • Tuition Fee For Undergraduate Programs:
    • 280,000 SEK ($31,900 USD) to 380,000 SEK ($43,300 USD) per program
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs:
    • 280,000 SEK ($31,900 USD) to 380,000 SEK ($43,300 USD) per program
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The final candidate in our list of cheapest universities in Sweden is Chalmers University of Technology. A donation by William Chalmers for the creation of an industrial school resulted in the establishment of the Chalmers University of Technology in 1829. In fact, the Avancez emblem of the university was based on the seal of the main donor. From a private institution when it was first established, it later became a public university in 1937.

Even as the university offers bachelor’s and master’s programs for local and international students, the language of instruction of the classes is Swedish. Due to this, international students should know how to speak and understand the language. Some of the programs of the university include Chemical Engineering, International Logistics, Automation and Mechatronics, and Computer Science.

The university is among the top higher-learning institutions in Europe. It also has among the highest reputations among all universities in Sweden. Moreover, the university has strategic partnerships with numerous organizations and industries with the aim of contributing to their growth and overall competitiveness.


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