7 Cheap Universities in Latvia for International Students

Only several non-European people know of the existence of the country of Latvia because of its geographical size as a country and the silence it makes globally. Latvia is a humble country in the continent of Europe and is known for showcasing their arts in different fields such as in local crafts, music, paintings, and food.

Even though the country does not ring a bell for any scientific breakthroughs or philosophical views, in terms of Arts and Architecture, it ranks higher than most known countries. This is the reason why art, engineering, and architecture students throughout the world apply to study at the universities in Latvia for better education and good opportunities that could come their way. So, if you are one of those aspiring students who want to specialize in those fields of study, some information about universities and the cost of living and studying in Latvia is here to help you. Check out some of the cheapest universities in Latvia that you can find.

Cost of Studying in Latvia

For studying in Latvia, first, the average tuition fees of the universities in the countries range from 3000 EUR up to 5000 EUR or 3,600 USD up to 6,100 USD depending on the location of the university and the courses you will be attending. Medicine degrees are at a bit higher price of 18,400 USD per year. However, there are many scholarships and financial assistance available especially for talented students in the fields of arts and engineering. These are all available for domestic or international students.

Aside from the cost of tuition fees and other academic charges, living expenses should also be considered if you plan to study in Latvia. The average monthly living expenses in Latvia are around 400 EUR to 600 EUR depending on your housing rent and food expenses.

Are Universities Free in Latvia?

Education in Latvia is only free for children and students from preschool education to primary education grades 1 through 12. Higher education on universities and colleges was still not free but the government of Latvia has been analyzing and making this possible and will be available for the citizens of Latvia soon.

However, international students will still need to pay full for the tuition fees and other school fees. Yet, relatively from other universities in Europe, universities in Latvia are much cheaper for international students.

What are the languages of instruction for universities in Latvia?

Most of the courses in Latvia are taught in their state language, Latvian which is also known as Lettish and a form of Eastern Baltic Language. Courses in Latvian are very much popular with local students since more than 90% of the student population can speak Latvian which is their native language. For the remaining 10% of students who are mostly international students, English courses are offered. However, some language courses such as Spanish and French were also taught in those languages. Some universities with this kind of system are the Turiba University and the Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

Cheapest Universities in Latvia

1. Latvian Academy of Culture

As the university name implies, the Latvian Academy of Culture specializes in cultural education and development. They organize events and festivities that will make their students be exposed to Latvian culture and ways of life. Latvian Academy of Culture is the cheapest university in Latvia for international students.

Foreign students usually enroll at this university not just to study but to dive into the traditional ways of the citizens of Latvia. Currently, there are four major cultural events in the university namely: The Theatre Festival “The Autumn of the Patriarch”, Walpurgis Night, a Film Event “Crazy Night”, and the “Cultural Canon” Competition.

2. Latvian Academy of Sport Education

Sport Education is also prioritized in the country of Latvia aside from culture and arts. This is the reason why the Latvian Academy of Sport Education has been established especially for international students around the world whose passion lies in sports education. Not only do they teach practical exercises and sports but also put into practice the theoretical issues that are still not resolved. So, if you are majoring in sports education and wanted to get good quality education overseas, enroll at the Latvian Academy of Sport Education.

3. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences is one of the universities that easily adapts to change and is not afraid to venture into the unknown. Due to being recently established in 1996, Vidzeme University surely lacks the experience but it did not become a hindrance when only after 5 years, the university became a state university. Modern universities are very pro-student when it comes to planning their platforms and laying out their vision for the university. Students are very much considered the actions that they will make.

As of now, this affordable university in Latvia also have strategic priorities for every field aspect of the university, especially for international students. Being a young university will be hard especially when expanding their reach and influence so currently, their focus is to gain more international connections.

4. University of Latvia

  • Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs: €2,530 EUR – €14,000 ($3,004 – $16,625)
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: €2,365 EUR – €4,000 ($2,809 – $4,750)
  • Tuition Fee Link

Being one of the few state universities in the country, the University of Latvia tries hard to provide the highest quality of education they can provide at the cheapest cost. Aside from this, it focuses on the establishment of international collaborations to gain its international identity and promote their education to students from different countries around the world.

Currently, the university has been in cooperation with more than 200 institutions around the globe, both benefitting from their degree and student exchange programs. With the active participation of the university in international projects and agreements, every year, the courses available for international students increase.

5. Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration University of Applied Sciences

  • Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs: €2,900 EUR – €6,000 ($3,438 – $7,112)
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: €3,500 – €13,000 ($4,150 – $15,410)
  • Tuition Fee Link

Next in our list of affordable universities in Latvia is RISEBA. In this country, universities are not only known for their arts, culture, and engineering courses but also for their progressive steps on economics and business administration and one of those universities is the Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA) University of Applied Sciences.

RISEBA has been the standard of most technological and scientific research universities in the country when it comes to modern equipment, modern facilities, and modern machines. They began receiving and accepting international students the moment they were established in 1992 that’s why getting accepted into this university if you from overseas is high.

6. Turiba University

  • Tuition Fee for Undergraduate Programs: €3,000 EUR ($3,555 USD)
  • Tuition Fee for Graduate Programs: €2,570 EUR – €3,000 EUR ($3,045 USD – $3,555)
  • Tuition Fee Link

Being a member of several and different international associations and organizations around the world, Turiba University is one of the universities that promote the development of courses and programs through international means. This affordable university in Latvia become associated with many institutions and organizations that they established and became a part of many international projects for different purposes such as sustainable development goals and development of interdisciplinary skills. If you want to hone your skills while getting your degree, check the other benefits that this university can give and try to apply for a course you want to take.

7. Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

The final university in our list of cheapest universities in Latvia is Stockholm School of Economics, which has been the leading business school not just in Latvia but in the whole region of Europe for decades. It has come far from having just a total of 56 local students in 1994 up to having more than 200 students including foreign or international students up to date. The values and principles of the university lie in the process of teaching and execution of the faculties to provide prime and high-quality education. Currently, the university has been catering 30 up to 50 international students every year which is at most 25% of their normal student population. So, if you want to enroll in a university that focuses on the individual growth of its students in a low volume of population, check out the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.


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